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15. Ussd Code For Loans In Nigeria

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15. Ussd Code For Loans In Nigeria

Is true that some credit facilities in Nigeria requires last 3 months income report before your loan can be approved.

So if you are asking if you can get a loan as an unemployed youth or citizen in Nigeria without collateral then the answer is Yes. Read below as I share with you 15 loans for unemployed in Nigeria 2021.

1. Baobab Loans

It doesn’t matter if you are employeed or unemployed in Nigeria. With baobab group loan application which you can apply from their website and get a minimum loan amount of N20,000 and a Maximum amount of N50,000,000 without collateral.

Baobab Loans are specifically based on business loans just like Lapo SME Loan, they offer loans for business that are already in existence / operation in Nigeria.

You can be unemployeed in Nigeria and still apply for baobab loans when you have a business plan in operation within these lending area ( Lagos, Ogun and Oyo state).

2. Myspecta Loan

Myspecta loan is one of the best 24hrs loans in Nigeria offering quick cash loans in minutes without collateral or paperwork.

Myspecta loan is in partnership with the Sterling bank which makes it possible for anyone to access loans of up to N5 million even if you are unemployed in Nigeria.

3. Pagefinancial Loan

If you are a reader on then you will agree with me that ever since we started the search on emergency online loans in Nigeria that Pagefinancial has been on every page of them.

It has also made it to the list of our Top 10 loans in Lagos which offers cash loans for unemployed in Nigeria up to N5 million in less than 3hours, whenever and wherever you need it.

4. Jumia Loan App

The jumia loan is a micro loan specifically designed for students who are still unemployed in Nigeria and can borrow up to N30k without collateral or guarantor.

The jumia loan is a hassle and stress free loan application which can be applied through the jumia pay app and get access to micro loans

5. Creditdirect

If you ever need money to start up a business, clear your bills or secure your future then credit direct loan is the best choice for you.

Credit direct is a sure Plug for your financial solution offering you up to N1,000,000 loan even if you are unemployed in Nigeria.

6. Quickcheck Loan

The Quickcheck loan app in Nigeria is a top list of best loan apps in Nigeria without any documents or hassle giving access to loans up to N500k Instantly.

Your social status doesn’t matter as you can be unemployeed in Nigeria and still apply for the Quickcheck loan and recieve Cash in minutes.

7. Fastcredit Loan

This is one of the best loans for unemployed in Nigeria. They offer a quick online loan application with a competitive Interest rates, flexible repayment tenor of up to 15 months with Instant cash disbursement.

Fastcredit offers 3 different kinds of loan starting from: fastcredit public loan, private loan and SME loan which you can apply through their website.

8. Fast Cash Loan

FCMB FastCash is a convenient, paperless credit facility with no collateral required for your emergencies and urgent needs. It is an instant loan and the application is through Fcmb loan ussd code *329*11#.

Through the Fcmb loan, you can get Instant cash of up to N200k which is available to employed and unemployed customer’s in Nigeria.

9. LMoney Loan

Are you looking for loans with Instant loan approval and quick disbursement of cash in Nigeria within 24hrs? Then a trial with LMoney will convince you.

You can get access to loans of up to N2 million naira with LMoney whether employed or unemployed in Nigeria.

10. Lendigo Loan

Lendigo is said to be a leading credit facility offering business loans in Nigeria that gives access to cash loan for small business owners from N300k above.

You don’t need to go to physical bank, or provide bulky documents, or even be a salary/ working person before you can apply for the Lendigo Loan as everything can be done through their website.

11. Kwikpaycredit

Before complaining that you do not have a little cash on you have you heard of kwikpaycredit? Kwikpaycredit is a credit facility offering financial assistance to salary and non salary customer’s before income is recieved.

Their loan application and disbursement of cash is https://www.paydayloansohio.net/cities/oxford/ done in minutes through their website and anyone can apply from anywhere and anytime.

12. Standard Chartered Loan

This bank offers one of the highest loans in Nigeria up to 200M loan with a flexible repayment tenor of 63 months and is also said to be an interest free loan in Nigeria with 1© interest rate on their loans.

Anyone can apply for the standard chartered bank loan whether you are salary or non salary customer and recieve cash in minutes.

13. Quickteller Loan

The credit facility has been in existence for so long, offering financial services to thousands of happy customer and clients which has made their portfolio spread across Nigeria and some African countries.

You can read more about Quickteller here and while we listed them on our list of loans for unemployed in Nigeria.

14. Renmoney Loan

They provide loans to individuals and small businesses through their website and has been regulated by CBN, insured by NDIC.

Do you want to borrow money online through Ussd Code For Loans in Nigeria? I have done my research and written down some Ussd Code Loans you can use to apply for Loans In Nigeria.

When searching for loans for unemployed in Nigeria kindly know that you can apply for such loans through these Ussd loan codes in Nigeria without any collateral, paperwork or guarantor.

These credit facilities listed above are the best when searching for Loans for unemployed in Nigeria to apply without any hassle.

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